Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 6: Purging

Purging. I thought we could all use a break from "Failed Relationships: Installment 345" - myself included. I do feel myself releasing this emotionally (and finally) - I am realized it was not that great, she did not really care for me. And I don't frankly know anymore if I really cared for her or was just elated to be in a relationship at all. If in other words I was in love with the idea of falling in love and not the reality.

I just don't know - but letting go. Just letting go of it all - no need to romanticize the miserable.

And yesterday I began "going raw" - I do this occasionally not as a way of eating all the time (it's too severe) but as a kind of fast. So it's 72 hours of raw. Fruits, veggies and yes the green goddess smoothie.

In my smoothie this morning (admit it you are *jealous*)...

Several handfuls of organic baby spinach
organic banana
organic kiwi

Blend together...yum! Actually it is very good and I promise if you make one you really don't even taste the spinach. Besides spinach is delicious. I'll let you know how I feel about it when I break my fast on Friday evening.

If you don't know what all of the "day 1,2, 3, 4 business is about" go here. I am taking the 37 day challenge and am blogging everyday for the next 37 days. But I am not drinking spinach smoothies for 37 days.

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